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Our Philosophy

Our organization seeks to “implement programs and services that assist individuals with behavioral health issues (including alcohol and other drug abuse) to control the symptoms of the illness; to develop the skills and acquire the supports and resources they need to succeed where they choose to live, learn, and work; and to maintain responsibility, to the greatest extent possible, for setting their own goals, directing their own lives, and acting responsibly as members of the community.

Our Belief Principle

We also believe that services must be delivered in a responsive, individualized, client-focused, compassionate manner that is also cost-effective, efficient and well administered. A corporate philosophy emphasizing a goal directed, outcome oriented. Responsive and participatory management style is best suited to create the atmosphere necessary to accomplish these ends.

Our Organizing Principles

Mutual Respect

Individuals with disabilities are first and foremost persons with basic human needs, aspirations, desires, and feelings.

Individual Recognition

People with disabilities are recognized as having diverse needs, concerns, strengths, motivations and goals.

The Importance of Families

Families are frequently the most important resource and support to individuals with severe disabilities.

We Respect Your Needs

The rights, wishes, and needs of primary (clients) and secondary (family members) consumers are paramount in planning and operating the mental health system.

No One Goes Unnoticed

The service system is sensitive to subgroups of the population who are members of minority and ethnic groups, elderly individuals, youth and people with multiple disabilities.

Community Driven

For the majority of individuals, the natural setting in the community is the best place for providing services.

Depend On The Communities Knowledge

Local communities are the most knowledgeable regarding their particular environments, issues, gaps, strength, and opportunities.

We Value What We Get To Do

Staff who work effectively with individuals with mental illness alcoholism or drug abuse are highly regarded and valued.

Meet The Directors

Ernest A. Flores

Medical Director

Dr. Flores has been practicing medicine in New Mexico since 1984. He attended medical school at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine and graduated with his medical degree. Dr. Flores’ internship was with Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, CA and his residency training was at University of California San Diego in the Department of Psychiatry. He is Board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology and is licensed in New Mexico and California. Dr. Flores has been the medical director for our agency since 2018. As a Hispanic psychiatrist, he has been able to provide state of the art and culturally sensitive psychiatric treatment to residents of southern New Mexico. Dr. Flores provides telemedicine services and is bilingual, Spanish/English.

Amalia Humada-Ludeke

Clinical Director

Dr. Humada-Ludeke is an independently licensed marriage and family therapist with an extensive background in pk-12 and post-secondary education. She has been trained systemically, both in the areas of leadership and family systems. Therefore, when working with individuals and families, Dr. Humada-Ludeke practices a systems approach to treatment, engaging in the therapeutic process as a client-centered, collaborative relationship. Her role is to co-construct therapeutic goals that can create a space for change to best support the client's journey.
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Our organization is dedicated to providing the highest quality Behavioral Health Services delivered with compassion and respect, and in a manner that enhances recovery and resiliency. We are a not-for-profit organization serving Adults, Children and Families in multiple locations.
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