Individual, Group & Family Therapy

Our therapists offer individual, group and family therapy, all personalized to fit your individual needs. Individual therapy, sometimes called counseling, is the one-on-one session that the individual, or client, meets with a trained therapist. These sessions are held in a safe, caring, and confidential environment and allow the client to discuss, explore and examine their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors. During these sessions, the client and the therapist may work through challenging or influential memories, identify, and discuss aspects of their lives that they would like to better understand about themselves and how they deal with others, what they would like to change, set personal goals, and develop and exercise a plan to work toward the desired change.

Family and/or group therapy allows the group to participate in therapy. All members are invited to participate, as a team, in a safe, judgement-free, open communication environment and discuss ways of helping the family make the improvements they desire. One or more therapists may work with the group at the same time. We like to remind the group/family that they are not alone, and we want to work together to foster feelings of success and accomplishment.
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Psychiatric Services & Evaluation

Many individuals may experience symptoms of a mental illness but unsure or unable to determine what’s going on or how to describe and/or talk about it with others. This is where we can help. Our licensed clinicians will meet with you individually and/or with your family members or friends (if you’d prefer) and evaluate your mental health diagnosis and discuss your individualized treatment plan. These plans may include psychiatric services, medication management and/or therapy services.
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Overcoming Addiction

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Genoa Pharmacy

By partnering with community-based providers, health plans and others as part of a coordinated care team, Genoa Healthcare pharmacists do more than provide medicine. We ensure people with complex health conditions have a full care team on their side dedicated to serving their individual needs. Genoa’s personalized services – in-clinic pharmacies, medication coordinators, clinical programs, and comprehensive medication management – along with pharmacists who are specially trained in behavioral health, HIV and other complex diseases, are leading the way to a new level of care. 

Dedicated to serving the needs of those in the behavioral health and substance use disorder communities, and others who have complex, chronic health conditions, Genoa is the largest provider of behavioral health pharmacy and clinical services for individuals with behavioral health and other complex, chronic health conditions in the U.S.

With more than 20 years of experience, Genoa serves over one million individuals annually across the United States.
Genoa Healthcare

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Our organization is dedicated to providing the highest quality Behavioral Health Services delivered with compassion and respect, and in a manner that enhances recovery and resiliency. We are a not-for-profit organization serving Adults, Children and Families in multiple locations.
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